LOCATION: The corner spot of the brown sectional


PARAPHERNALIA: Hand-knitted blanket and what are assumed to be HomeSense pillows.

DURATION: Approx. 50 minutes

DESCRIPTION: This morning, my wife left me alone for the entire day with our newborn daughter, Margot (with a silent “t”) for the first time since her birth.  Like many fathers, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would I get a screamy, gassy & frustrated baby, or the peaceful, beautiful & sleepy baby; I was obviously hoping for the latter.  Turns out, after a significant pre-departure feeding from my wife (Thanks, Babe!),  I could tell the little one-month old was out for the count.

I actually got my wife to set me up with pillows and a good blanket tuck in before she left, ensuring that my bare feet were adequately covered.  I was feeling a wave of relief as I saw the sweet eyes of my little Margot stay closed.  The PVR was recording The Marilyn Denis Show (which I wasn’t too thrilled about), so I had a decision to make: A) Nap or B) Slowly lose self respect by watching the latest in bargain beauty buys for this year’s Christmas shopping season.  I chose the former.

I do remember the nap reaching snoring pitch, although it was often interrupted with grunts of disapproval from the baby.  A few microscopic shifts in one direction or the next would send her back to Napland.

PROS OF NAP: Good cuddle time with baby.  It was a nap.  Corner spot of brown sectional was available.

CONS OF NAP: Grunt-happy baby.  Recurring lower-back pain caused by a bulging spinal disc.  Background daytime talk show on TV.

NAP SCORE (from 1 to 5): 3